New IQOS ILUMA I Standard Black in TEREA Stick Dubai UAE

  • Midnight Black finish on the IQOS Iluma I Standard
  • Compatible with TEREA Sticks,
  • Quick Charging Comfortable Design

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New IQOS ILUMA I Standard Black in TEREA Stick Dubai UAE

Embrace the future of tobacco with the IQOS Iluma I Standard Black, which is presently available in Dubai. and promises prompt delivery throughout the UAE! This stylish Midnight Black gadget does away with the blade entirely. with the help of its cutting-edge SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM. Substituting is a precise heating process that makes consuming tobacco. A truly easy and enjoyable experience.

The New Iluma I Standard’s attributes and requirements are:

  • Midnight Black in color (Also available in violet; for further color possibilities. Visit our web store.) [List Every Iluma on a Single Device]
  • Technology: Bladeless heating using SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM
  • Compatible with: TEREA Sticks (separately available); browse our online store to learn more about our
  • vaping accessories. [Check out our vapor sticks and devices by visiting our online store.]
  • Quick Charging: Prepare for your upcoming session with ease.
  • Designing ergonomically convenient to handle and operate

IQOS Iluma I Standard Black usage instructions

  1. Upon inserting a specialty cigarette into the pipe. The apparatus will initiate an automatic heating process. By swiping the touch screen from bottom to top. You can actively accomplish this. The touch screen will show the first semi-hot (about 20 seconds)
  2. Everything was operational after the pipe began to vibrate. The touch screen allows you to see how much time is left on your usage.

Flex Puff and a Touch Screen

– Touch screen

You can view the information as soon as you touch the updated touch screen.

  • Heated situation
  • Time left for usage
  • The quantity of use left behind
  • To pause, swipe down; to proceed, slide up.

– Flex Puff

A new feature of IQOS Iluma i Standard allows for a more customizable experience.

  • You can use 4 more vapors in addition to the standard 14 to make a total of 18 smokes each cigarette, depending on how you use it.
  • The screen’s LED will glow in a circle when the Flex Puff feature is used and four vapors are added. The light will then turn on counterclockwise to indicate how much time is left.

The IQOS ILUMA I Standard Colors That Are Available

  1. Breeze Blue
  2. Digital Violet
  3. Midnight Black
  4. Vivid Terracotta

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