New IQOS ILUMA I Standard Violet in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – Price 450 AED

  • IQOS Iluma I Standard Violet Device
  • Gorgeous violet hue
  • Cutting-edge heating technology
  • (compatible with TEREA sticks) for a steady and
  • Tasty vape-enduring battery Design that is easy to use

420,00 د.إ


New IQOS ILUMA I Standard Violet in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE

You can write a new chapter in the history of vaping with the IQOS Iluma Violet. A smart device that blends in seamlessly with your lifestyle. With its eye-catching violet finish and state-of-the-art technology. This gadget is sure to draw attention and provide an amazing vaping experience.

Features and Specifications of the Latest Iluma I Standard gadget:

  • Vivid Violet Design: Stand out from the crowd with the IQOS Iluma I Standard’s striking violet tint. (Visit our online store to explore a choice of Iluma device colors.)
  • Advanced Heating Technology: Experience a steady and tasty vape. with IQOS’s revolutionary heating technology. (compatible with TEREA sticks, offered separately)
  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy numerous vaping sessions on a single charge. Owing to the Iluma I Standard’s long-lasting battery.
  • Simple and Intuitive Use: The Iluma I Standard is designed for ease of use. with clear indicators and a user-friendly interface.

Beyond the looks, the IQOS Iluma I Standard offers various perks for people looking for a better vaping experience:

  • Improved Flavor: IQOS’s breakthrough heating technology offers a steady and tasty vape. Allowing you to fully appreciate the nuances of your favorite TEREA sticks.
  • Reduced stink: Compared to typical cigarettes, the IQOS Iluma I Standard emits less stink. Making it a more thoughtful choice for others around you.
  • Convenience: The compact design and long battery life make the Iluma I Standard. A suitable companion for on-the-go vaping.

How to Operate the New Device Iluma I Standard:

  • Place a tobacco stick (TEREA Iluma) in.
  • Wait for the indication to vibrate after pressing the button.
  • For a comfortable vapor experience, softly inhale.
  • Remove the used TEREA Iluma Stick after usage. And follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for the device.

Included in the New Iluma I standard device are:

  1. Cleaning Tool & Charging Dock 
  2. IQOS Iluma I Standard Violet Device

Why pick the Dubai-based IQOS Iluma Violet?

For several reasons. The IQOS Iluma I Standard has swiftly gained popularity among Dubai vapers.

  • Elegant Style: Your vaping routine will seem more sophisticated thanks to the violet finish.
  • Advanced Technology: With IQOS’s ground-breaking heating technology. experience vaping in a whole new way.
  • Better Flavor: Experience a vape that is more gratifying and tasty than regular cigarettes.
  • Quick Delivery: You can begin enjoying your Iluma I Standard Violet immediately. Because we provide quick delivery throughout the United Arab Emirates.

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