What You Need to Know to Compare IQOS ILUMA with IQOS ILUMA Prime

What You Need to Know to Compare IQOS ILUMA with IQOS ILUMA Prime Leave a comment

Notable Differences Between IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime Information

See how these two devices differ from one another by reading on. and its application, you’ve arrived at the right spot. IQOS ILUMA DUBAI is the best smoking substitute for 2021. was developed to provide adult smokers with a healthier and more enjoyable experience. Thus, the IQOS ILUMA Prime, an enhanced version of the original, was introduced.

This review article will go over the features and distinctions of the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime.

Let’s go over the essentials first before beginning the comparison.

Instead of burning tobacco, IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime employ heated tobacco. due to the fact that the tobacco is heated to a temperature far lower than when it is burned. This makes the experience less harmful.

• The IQOS iLuma sets itself apart from other systems with its unique heating element. By using a stainless steel plate that is heated inside the tobacco sticks. The IQOS ILUMA Prime surpasses this. Instead of employing a traditional metal rod for induction, a magnetic field is used.

Its enhanced Sensor IQOS technology automatically adjusts the temperature. This contributes to a more reliable and satisfying experience with each use.

Because of its closed design and lack of a rod. The ILUMA provides an unparalleled smoking experience. Each time you use it, you might have to clean it. Tasty vapor results from the absence of any internal tobacco particles. This ground-breaking device has delighted customers worldwide. Who has left rave reviews praising its ease of maintenance and improved flavor quality?

When will the UAE launch IQOS ILUMA?

In the United Arab Emirates, IQOS ILUMA ONE, IQOS ILUMA, and IQOS ILUMA PRIME will be sold. starting on November 15, 2022, just in-store at the prestigious Dubai Mall. By the end of the month, this item will also be available. Purchase at fifty additional locations throughout the Emirates!

IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime feature comparison

There are two electronic smoking products: IQOS ILUMA and ILUMA Prime in Dubai. While they have many similarities, they also differ in some significant ways. The areas where the two models differ most noticeably are in their furniture and designs.

Build Design

Start with the IQOS Iluma Prime. This model stands out due to its distinctive design. The case resembles a wallet because it is composed of leather and cloth and is attached to a magnet. The holder is hidden from view from the side by the attractive case lid. The ILUMA Prime is available in five different colors: Neon, Obsidian Black, Jade Green, Gold Khaki, and Bronze Taupe.

The IQOS iLuma, on the other hand, is more similar to the IQOS 3 DUO in terms of design. The colors that are available for the casing include Moss Green, Classic Kit Pebble Grey, Neon, Azure Blue, Sunset Red, and Pebble Beige. Its covering is appealing to the touch and has a firm exterior.


The inclusion of additional accessories is yet another distinction between the two models. Holding rings and other possible covers for the ILUMA Prime, for example. This allows users to change the appearance of their cell phones. The ILUMA Prime is slightly larger and heavier than the ILUMA. Because of its aluminum housing.

The technical details and reviews are the same for both devices. On the other hand, the ILUMA Prime looks more unique and comes with more attachments. The choice of which one you choose is yours.

IQOS ILUMA’s Advantages and Cons


In contrast to its predecessor and other electronic smoking products on the market. IQOS iLuma, the latest model, has many benefits. The ILUMA has numerous noteworthy benefits, including

• Better Design: The ILUMA has a sleek, modern style that combines elements of the past and present. Thanks to the tactile attractive cover and hardcover. It has an upscale appearance and feel.

• Greater Color Selection: There are several shades of the ILUMA to choose from. Moss Green, Classic Kit Pebble Grey, Neon, Azure Blue, Sunset Red, and Pebble Beige are some of the available hues. Now, users can choose the color that most closely reflects their style.

• Better Technology: To heat tobacco sticks, the ILUMA makes use of the newest technological advancements. at a temperature where nicotine is delivered without being burned. This results in a safer and smokeless experience than traditional smoking.

• Convenience: Portability, usability, and convenience were the main design goals for the ILUMA. Additionally, it features a battery that is easily charged using a USB cord.

Negative aspects

The new IQOS iLuma offers a few benefits. However, there can be a few drawbacks to take into account:

• Cost: The ILUMA is an expensive gadget, which may turn off some users. purchasing the tobacco sticks separately, as they are sold separately, is another option. may result in extra costs.

• Limited Availability: Getting the ILUMA may be difficult for some users. because not all regions and countries offer it.

• Not a quit tool: This is not a smoking cessation aid. Rather, it serves as a tool to assist users in transitioning from traditional smoking to a less dangerous substitute.

• Legal restrictions apply before acquiring and using the ILUMA Dubai. Customers should confirm local laws as some countries may have them. have made it illegal to use these gadgets.

When everything is taken into account, the new IQOS ILUMA is a premium electronic cigarette. People now have a risk-free, smokeless option to traditional smoking thanks to this. It isn’t always accessible. It is somewhat expensive and not permitted everywhere. It’s also critical to keep in mind that quitting smoking is a choice, not a necessity.

Which Add-Ons Are Included with the IQOS ILUMA and ILUMA Prime?

The IQOS ILUMA and ILUMA Prime come with a charging cable, a charging case, and a cigarette stick holder. The ILUMA Prime additionally comes with a cover and a ring for the holder, two additional components. Users can personalize and add a distinctive touch to their technology with these accessories. The ILUMA Prime is larger and weightier than the ILUMA because of its metal housing.

Do IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime Require Much Work to Use?

Both the IQOS iLuma and IQOS iLuma Prime are reasonably easy-to-use devices. You should be aware of a few significant distinctions between the two devices, though. Reviews from users indicate that both gadgets work similarly. The ILUMA Prime stands out because of a few additional features.

The first step in using any device is to press the button on the holder to turn it on. You can insert a tobacco stick into the gadget once it has been turned on. It will begin heating up automatically. The heating process typically takes 20 seconds.

• One of the main features of the ILUMA and ILUMA Prime is the smart control feature.  Tapping the holder repeatedly lets you see how many puffs are left.

• You can also see how long the current session is going to last by looking at the LED lights on the gadget. The gesture control feature of the integrated accelerometer is used to do this. By eliminating the need to press any buttons. The improved mobile application sets the ILUMA Prime apart from the ILUMA. Adds even more functionality and convenience. You can use the program to check the battery life of your device and to enable or disable specific features. This implies that you may tailor the device’s smart control feature to your needs. Which is a helpful feature.

An analysis contrasting the IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ILUMA

Products like the IQOS 3 DUO and ILUMA from today provide an alternative to traditional smoking. To help you make an informed decision. Our staff has prepared a detailed comparison of the IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ILUMA. If you’re considering purchasing one of these devices.

One of the main differences between the IQOS 3 DUO and the IQOS ILUMA is the device’s design. The IQOS iLuma has a sleek, modern appearance without a cover that operates like a rod. Since blades are no longer needed, there is less chance of breakage and it is easier to insert the tobacco stick correctly. Another important difference between the two devices is the control system. The IQOS Illumina has an improved control mechanism that improves its use and practicality. For example, the device features a smart control feature that shows you how many puffs are left in the session. How much time is left with an LED illumination?

• The battery life of the IQOS ILUMA is also longer than that of the IQOS 3 DUO. Each session lasts five minutes instead of the latter’s four. There is now a wider selection of accessories for the IQOS 3 DUO. But the IQOS ILUMA requires a bit more time to charge—135 minutes as opposed to 120 minutes—than the IQOS 3 DUO. While other attachments may be released in the future, the IQOS ILUMA is an Activate gadget now available.


IQOS developed the innovative TEREA tobacco heat stick exclusively for the IQOS ILUMA device.

With these sticks, you may choose from a wide range of flavor selections to personalize your vaping experience. High-grade tobacco is used in the construction of these cigarettes. For the greatest flavor, that has been carefully selected and blended. Whether you’re at home or in a bar, IQOS TEREA makes smoking tobacco easier and more convenient.

Where Can I Get IQOS Prime, IQOS ILUMA, and IQOS TEREA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates?

All TEREA tobacco varietals and IQOS ILUMA devices are available on our website. You may also find the IQOS ILUMA Prime and all of its accessories on our website. Indulge in the finest tobacco flavor of IQOS TEREA. While visiting the United Arab Emirates. Don’t forget to get more IQOS accessories for your gadget.

We offer a prompt and trustworthy delivery service throughout the United Arab Emirates. What more time are you putting off? Get it now to enhance your smoking experience!


IQOS TEREA is a great way to enjoy the classic tobacco flavor. with some intriguing variations. IQOS TEREA DUBAI has everything one could want. Whether they go for a traditional tobacco flavor, menthol, or a fruity blend. You may also easily enjoy your favorite tobacco tastes with IQOS TEREA. Its convenient size and easy-to-use design allow you to utilize it anywhere.

We offer exceptional one-hour delivery services in Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. In the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, we provide a 24-hour delivery service. You may be able to see how simple it is to reach your objectives. Before you even know it, you are holding them.

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